Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

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Reaching fitness goals requires mental focus

We all know what to do, right? Eat right, exercise … it’s all so simple, isn’t it?

Not really. Studies have shown that 66 percent of Americans are overweight. More than five percent of adults are considered morbidly obese. To top it off, childhood obesity is a growing epidemic.

We Americans are the fattest people in the world (although obesity is on the rise globally). We have tried every diet, starved ourselves, smoked cigarettes; some of us even puked to lose it. Yet, the fact remains: We are fat.

With the option to “super size” everything from sodas to candy bars and the availability of hundreds of yummy convenience foods, avoiding temptation is just one piece of the puzzle. We also rely more heavily on cars or other motorized forms of transportation, which decreases the amount of walking or cycling cardio that used to be a natural part of an adult’s daily schedule.

Less exercise, more tempting “bad” foods: How the heck can we obtain optimal health and keep a healthy weight? By focusing on it, that’s how! If you want it, you need to believe you can achieve it, and you will.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. Start living it now! Tell yourself that you are 20 pounds lighter. Imagine what you feel like, what you look like in a bathing suit or in your wedding clothes. Really put yourself there and focus on it. Change your mind.

This same method works for starting an exercise program. Imagine doing something you enjoy and reaping the benefits of it. Imagine playing with your kids and having fun. Imagine kayaking in the harbor or hiking to a waterfall. Tell yourself you’re there, and the next thing you know you will be.

It’s all in the way you think about it. Don’t listen to the voices in your head telling you all the reasons why not; if you visualize yourself being active or losing weight, your body will go there. Seeing is believing … change your mind.

You have to believe you are there already. Make this a ritual: Do it every night before you go to sleep. Wake up every morning and tell yourself how healthy you are. And believe it!

Practice this method for reaching your exercise and nutrition goals, and you will see amazing results. Something will happen in you that you never thought possible: Your body will change. The bottom line is: You have to believe it before you can achieve it!

And, as always, remember: You’re worth it!

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